In Lake Worth, bumpers are sometimes going to need repair. Pizza drivers might bump into another vehicle during a delivery. You may come out from a store into the parking lot and find that someone unknown has banged into your bumper. Teen drivers and delivery trucks, drive through lanes and tight downtown parking, wayward bicycles and falling tree limbs can all endanger your vehicle’s bumper. Bumper repair Lake Worth means DNA Mobile Autobody Repair.

There are real advantages in using a mobile repair service. It is cheaper than going to a body shop, because mobile services don’t have much overhead. It is more convenient, and avoids the potential discomforts of a body shop—noise, smell and dirt. Repairs are faster, meaning you won’t lose the use of your vehicle for several days. You won’t lose time off from work to drop your car off and to pick it up again. Not all bumpers can be repaired by a mobile repair service, but most can.

A well-repaired bumper is as good as new. You don’t have to wait for days for a replacement to be ordered. Some areas may have to be repainted, but mobile repair services have technology that can easily match any color paint on any vehicle.

We can fix any kind of bumper, whether it’s on a sports car or a truck, a commercial vehicle or family car. Our technicians are extremely experienced and are well trained. They can repair minor problems and serious damage. They will do it well and they will do it quickly. They bring the body shop to you, wherever in Lake Worth you are. For bumper repair in Lake Worth, call on DNA Mobile Autobody RepairCall us for a free quote.


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