Dents happen. Your vehicle may be dented by a stray shopping cart, or a door from another car slamming into yours.  Dents can come from hail and falling branches. They can come from windblown objects denting your car. You can be dented by objects falling from a truck in front of you as you drive down a highway. Dents usually are not major, so why take your car to a body shop, when there is an alternative?

An excellent alternative for most dents is a mobile autobody repair service. Mobile dent repair Lake Worth means DNA Mobile Autobody Repair.

Instead of taking your dented vehicle to an autobody shop, the shop comes to you. This means faster service, because there are no lines, and you don’t have to drop off your car and arrange transportation home and then to pick it up. You don’t have two or three days down time in which you can’t use your car. A mobile repair service is less expensive because there is no need to factor in overhead, as a body shop does. And you will see your vehicle while it is being repaired.

Not all dents can be repaired by a mobile autobody repair service, but most can be. DNA Mobile Autobody Repair has experience and highly trained employees. We can service any kind of car or truck, domestic or foreign. We repair dents in sports cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles. We repair new cars and used cars and expensive cars and budget cars. We repair dents in doors, and in bumpers and anywhere else. We serve both dealers and individual owners.

Vehicles in Lake Worth are sometimes going to get dents. DNA Mobile Autobody Repair takes care of your dent repair Lake Worth.  Contact us today for a free quote.


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