Vehicles in Lake Worth are going to get scratched. A scratch might come from a branch leaning into a driveway. It might come from too tight a turn in a supermarket parking lot. A runaway grocery cart can scratch your car. You can get scratches from drive through lanes at your bank. Someone might key your car just for fun. A scratch doesn’t have to mean a visit to a body shop. Scratch repair Lake Worth can be conveniently done by a mobile repair service. In Lake Worth that means DNA Mobile Autobody Repair.

Why a mobile autobody repair service? It saves the trip to a body shop. You don’t have to take the time to find the shop, drop off your vehicle, arrange transportation home, and then do it all over again to pick your car up. Your scratches will be repaired faster. You won’t be inconvenienced by losing use of your vehicle for several days. You won’t lose time from work, or have to arrange a ride. You’ll have more personal interaction with the technicians. You won’t have to breathe the air or listen to the noise of a body shop.

Scratches mean a concern with the paint on your vehicle. Mobile auto body repair uses up to date technology that can match any color on any car, and do it just as well as a body shop. DNA Mobile Autobody Repair has experienced and well-trained employees who will repair the scratches on site, wherever your site may be.

We repair small scratches on big cars and big scratches on small cars. We repair scratches on domestic and foreign vehicles. We repair scratches for dealers and for individual owners. We repair scratches on trucks and on SUVs and on electric vehicles and diesels. Scratch repair Lake Worth means DNA Mobile Autobody Repair.  Contact us today for a free quote.


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